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Multifunctional Showerhead Matte Black

MULTIFUNCTIONAL SHOWER HEAD MATTE BLACK has 3 modes of palm shower head and adjustable rain shower head give continuous, powerful shower though under low water levels. It has a high pressure balancing valve. The center of the pressure balance regulator will generate thermostatic pressure in a perfect equilibrium in order to create an anti-scaling effect. The mixing valve will modify the consumption of hot and cold water in order to efficiently solve the issue of inadequate water pressure. The showerhead complies with the US CUPC qualification. You should change the height and position of the portable shower to your level to have the optimal shower experience. This plays a major role in children's bathroom.

Series features a low-profile style with a smooth, rounded model; it is the ideal addition to any tub. With a rugged bronze polished oil finish, it is scratch-resistant and simple to clean. It is made of strong brass; the Matte black finish provides a vivid, highly reflective, sleek gray metallic appearance. The shower handle can handle up to 15 lbs. It has a robust abs structure, highly durable matt black, designed to withstand daily cracks, rusting and tainting. It has an adjustment of 360.

Only push the button to go up and down, which is one of the multifunctions it has. It is placed on a wall using a metric measuring device. It is planned to be conveniently built with regular U.S. plumbing networks. It is designed to the highest degree of consistency and craftsmanship.

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