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Satin Nickel LED Shower Systems

When you want a stylish and smart shower system set, this gold finished LED shower set from BathSelect is perfect. It comes in many shapes and accessories. This golden brushed shower system gives your bathroom a luxurious feel.

Moreover, the temperature-sensitive sensor indicates the temperature of water through LED lights. Each color represents different temperature statuses like if LED is red, it means hot water, blue light tells that water is cold, but if the temperature is perfect, the LED light becomes green.

LED system assists you during temperature setting, and you donít need to check the water temperature by touching it. This feature saves you from burning and also reduce water wastage. With all these, it still makes your bathroom look classy. LED lights give your bathing an aesthetic feel.

The shower system for these sets is rain and waterfall, making your bathing experience enjoyable and relaxing. Body jet sprays water with pressure so you can experience a massage relief and release fatigue and body pain. You can change the direction of the shower and body jet. The material of this system is brass, and valves are made of ceramic. The high quality of these products makes them long-lasting. If you love modern things, then this set is a must for you. This smart technology makes it different from traditional showers.

You deserve care from yourself, and this is the best way to show love for yourself. Because after a tiring day full of work makes you exhausted, a refreshing bath changes your mood instantly by reducing mental pressure.