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Multifunctional Black Finish Shower Systems

An amazing product falling under the range of Bath Select has caught the attention of many users. It has been designed to be light in weight and free from corrosion or rusting which has made it highly durable. The finish of the product is done in matte black which also contains multiple features. An accurate water pressure is ensured so that all functions are performed properly. A minimum pressure of 29 psi is required while a maximum of 72.7 psi works well. The installation guide is included in the package that contains all the necessary accessories required for the product. The flow rate of the item is 2.5 GPM. This item is constructed with fine, high quality materials that meet the standards of US plumbing system. The sales of this shower system are touching the sky. No negative comments have been received yet by the customers. Everybody is highly satisfied with its performance and have recommended it on many sites.

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BathSelect Black Multi Function Rain Shower Thermostatic BathSelect Black Multi Function Rain Shower Thermostatic
Retail Price: $1,030.80
Sale Price: $932.22