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Matte Black Showerhead Extension

he BathSelect Matte Black Showerhead Extension is perfect for utmost comfort. It perfectly goes in with modern and contemporary style homes. Today’s modern style homes are going for a minimalistic look with neutral colored tiles, matte black will perfectly complement it. It will change the aesthetics of the bathroom give it a nice elegant look. The best thing about matte black is that it does not clash with anything and easily goes in with other fixtures without having to change any design. These shower extensions not only look super classy they are very easy to clean and maintain. They show fewer water spots and fingerprints compared to other materials. They are made with the best quality material which is both durable and will last a long time without rusting or leaking.

Shower extensions keep the shower heads away from the wall. They also give you more room to move while the water reaches your body more evenly. They prevent the accumulation of hard water. These extensions are designed to not let water build up this helps the water move more freely as well as quickly. This extension not only looks super chic and classy but also provides the relaxation you need while taking a shower. Upgrade your showers with our BathSelect Matte Black Showerhead Extensions for the ultimate shower experience. One that promises luxury as well as relaxation.