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Multifunctional Shower Systems

We offer great range of brushed nickel multi-functional shower systems among other bathroom fixtures. Whether you want a modern look for your commercial bathroom or a traditional one, we have got you covered. Our shower systems are available in different styles, designs, functions, and features. Ranging from different shower systems to the modern multi-function brushed nickel finish, shower system, you can find your favorite ones. Whether you are setting a new bathroom or renovating an old one, our shower system collection is worth a look!

Brushed nickel is amongst the different finishes that are preferred for multifunctional shower systems. These shower systems are installed in the wall, hence may have showerheads that are ceiling mount or wall mount. These tall shower systems support multiple functions as a shelf, LED lights, adjustable body jets, mist head rainfall or waterfall massage showerhead, and a thermostatic valve for temperature control. These shower systems are available in different sizes to fit any bathroom regardless of the size. While the LED lights brighten the shower area, you can take control of your water with the features of this shower system. Brushed nickel is a durable finish that offers a contemporary look to your commercial bathroom. Finding the right fixtures for commercial use can be a hard task. Brushed nickel multi-function shower systems are a modern upgrade to your bathroom, and worth the investment because of their promised durability and longevity. The elegant and modern look that these brushed nickel shower systems give is the need of the hour today. So, select your favorite ones from our variety today!

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Lünen Bath Shower System Lünen Chrome/Brushed Nickel Finish Shower Set
Retail Price: $1,552.80
Sale Price: $1,078.74
Ultra Bath Shower System Brushed Nickel Velaro Shower Set
Retail Price: $1,555.20
Sale Price: $1,061.50