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Recessed Shower Heads

For more than 30 years, Bathselect has been amongst the top brands supplying quality bathroom fixtures for commercial and residential use. With a great range of fixtures ranging from shower sets to shower systems and bathroom faucets, we assure unbeatable product prices to our customers. Whether you are building a commercial bathroom from the scratch or renovating an old one, BathSelect encourages you to visit their extended collection of bathroom fixtures to find the best ones for use. Recessed showers are a modern luxury fixture for commercial bathrooms and we have a great collection for you to choose from.

Recessed shower heads are available in ceiling mount design and they are fixed to the roof, giving a decluttered and clean appearance without any compromise on the quality and luxury. Recessed showerheads come in many different shapes including rectangular, square, and round. From minimalist to the most extravagant bigger recessed showerheads, and LED light showerheads. Some newer models allow changing flow motions, a thermostatic valve for temperature maintenance, and different showerheads like rainfall and waterfall.

Recessed showerheads are fit into the roof that means that no fixtures, pipework, or fittings are exposed, giving a decluttered and clean look. Available in a variety of styles and designs, you can choose the ones most suited for your commercial use. Apart from durability, the showers offers elegance and versatility all in one place. With such superior features, recessed matte black showerheads are a perfect choice for commercial bathrooms.

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shower head multicolor led 20" Recessed Stainless Steel Electric Rainfall Shower
Retail Price $1,671.00
Sale Price: $1,165.42

Rectangular Ceiling Mounted Shower Head with Single Color LED Venice Chrome Rectangular Recessed Shower Head with Single Color LED
Retail Price: $1,952.00
Sale Price: $1,524.60