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Large Showerhead Brushed Gold

A big, gold-plated showerhead means peace of mind for you as well as your family with deep, effective shower insurance against frostbite and cold waves. These shower heads provide adjustable settings for thermostatic pressure of the water flow, which will help you change the necessary water pressure, and when you are about to fix the shower head, you really need to remove this device. You can use this vintage style showerhead to upgrade your shower. This luxury rain-style showerhead is made of strong ABS plastic for longevity and durability, with a quality gold finish that is resilient to bleaching and deterioration. It is now possible for you to enjoy a rainfall like a shower experience, with contemporary quality improvement.

The threaded fittings are constructed entirely of thick steel construction and will not crack or spill. They are crafted to the highest level of consistency and construction methods. Soft rubber shower holes allow users to easily strip calcium and concrete from the rain face of your shower head and hand shower only with tap of a finger. it features 3 parameters that offer outstanding efficiency. Featuring a limited style and a clean, rounded model, it is the ideal compliment to any shower. With a rugged polished gold finish, it is scratch-resistant and simple to clean.

The fabrication of Brass is not simple to rust. It has high quality polished gold that is specially designed to survive daily cracks, corrosions and bleaching. It has an adjustment of 360°. The shower arm will accommodate up to 30 pounds.

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