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BRAVAT Brushed Gold Shower Systems

BathSelect provides the latest and good quality shower systems. If you search for a simple but classy-looking shower system, the golden brushed BRAVAT shower system is the best option for you. This is our simplest design but with a royal look. The shape of the showerhead in these systems is square, and the golden color gives an ancient look. These shower systems are a perfect blend of traditional and modern technology. These are made of solid brass and valves are made of ceramic to give our customers a reliable and good quality product. All pipes and water mixing system is concealed to give you aesthetic feel. This minimalistic look makes cleaning easy that even anyone can clean it in minutes, even kids can clean it by themselves. This feature makes it suitable for all types of bathrooms like bedrooms, guest houses, and hotels. Moreover, the temperature of these sets is from 0 to 100 and with thermostat. You donít need to mix it manually. BRAVAT shower systems are preferable for you if you like things clean and straightforward. BathSelect creates such designs for you, so you feel special whenever you enter your bathroom for a shower. At the end of the day, a warm relaxing bath is totally game-changing. So it must be a good time; therefore, the golden brushed BRAVAT shower system makes this possible for you. Choose this for a relaxed and tension-free time.

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