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Digital/Smart Gold Finish Shower System

Digital/Smart Shower Systems are one of the latest designs of BathSelect to give your bathrooms a finish and elegant look. BathSelect offers the latest and trendy design to give your bathroom a cool look. BathSelect gives you the most beautiful shapes and styles you are looking for. We made a perfect combo of traditional and modern designs so you can feel complete and satisfied. This digital system can be a set of rain shower with realistic experience, hand shower, and you can enjoy maximum control like you can choose the temperature, the pressure of water, and duration of water flow. Everyone loves to control and wants to adjust things according to their will. This digital shower is the best option if you love customized things.

For control system it has valves; you can rotate to set any feature according to need. Smart temperature-sensitive sensors let you control and choose the water temperature instantly. Most of the time, when unintentionally you open a tap of the hot side but here it saves you from any kind of burning. This also prevents wastage of water happened during the mixing of hot and cold water. If you want to get a shower for relaxation and want it full of customization, then this is a must for you. It not only removes the burden from your head but also removes fatigue and body pain. This can be the best gift for yourself.

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