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Oil Rubbed Bronze Square Shower Heads

Be it traditional bathroom fixtures that you need or modern ones, BathSelect has the perfect variety for you. From faucets to showerheads and soap dispensers, there is a great variety for you to select your favorite fixtures from. Oil-rubbed bronze square showers are one of the many fixtures that we have for commercial bathrooms. This finish and style are often found in commercial places like flats and apartments. BathSelect offers you a perfect collection of oil-rubbed bronze square showerheads to choose from.

Oil-rubbed bronze showerheads are available in different showerhead sizes ranging from small to large-sized ones. Amongst different shapes, you will also find square oil-rubbed bronze showerheads because they are commonly used for commercial purposes. Some of the later models have multicolor Led lights, while others have color changes light systems. These LED multicolor and color-changing lights improve the showering experience apart from giving a modern look. Some newer oil-rubbed square bronze showerheads also have thermostatic control, allowing temperature control of water as you shower.

Oil-rubbed bronze square showerheads are a durable fixture that lasts a long while. Oil rubbed bronze showerheads are a modern-styled bathroom fixture, something that most commercial fixtures are in need of. Square oil-rubbed showerheads have a large surface that spread water evenly as you shower, giving you a perfect bathing experience. These showerheads are a blend of durability and elegance all in one place. Also, there is a great variety of oil-rubbed square showerheads that you can choose from. With LED lights, you can enjoy a perfect showering experience.

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shower head multicolor led BathSelect Light Oil Rubbed Bronze Square Rain Shower Head
Retail Price $341.00
Sale Price: $303.28

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Retail Price $371.00
Sale Price: $355.66

Light Oil Rubbed Bronze Sensor Controlled Automatic Shower Head Light Oil Rubbed Bronze Sensor Controlled Automatic Shower Head
Retail Price: $582.00
Sale Price: $578.78