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Multi Jet Shower System Brushed Gold

The multi-jet shower system is an elegant shower that exactly matches the beautiful interior of your bathroom. This shower system is unique and looks appealing. The shower system is amazing not only in appearance but also in its performance by making sure that the water flows smoothly to provide you with the best bathing experience. The ethereal light is an important feature of this shower system and the shades of light keep on changing. There is a temperature control feature too which lets you know when the water is hot and cold. The gold finishing of the multi-jet shower system provides a luxurious look to it. The shower is strong and sturdy and guarantees long life. It is easy to use and clean. The valve of this shower system is made of ceramic has a double control on it.

This gold shower system comes in different sizes and styles and you can select one based on your choice and the bathroom’s interior. There are two installation points on the shower and it comes with one year guarantee. This shower system has a comparatively high price because of its gold finishing but the quality it delivers is worth the price. It has a stretchable body which makes it more convenient to use while bathing. You can also adjust the water’s temperature level by using the two knobs present on the shower.

The best thing about this shower set is that it is toxin-free and environmentally friendly.

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