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LARGE Showerhead Brushed Nickel

The larger the size of the shower head the better will be its water delivery and in this case BathSelect offers you large sized shower head in brushed nickel finish. The brushed nickel finish is solid. It gives out the feeling of strength and looks extremely decent and modern. It is not a shiny or glossy finish rater a futuristic and muted one. The shower head is made of heavy brass that makes sure that it will stand the test of time and will work appropriately even after a very long term usage. Plus the contemporary design makes sure that it looks perfect in your bathroom and is easy to install without any extra plumbing required as all required mounts are already included in the box.

The shower head is of very large size. It throws so much water that the bathing experience is multiplied and feels way better than what you get from a normal shower head. The 16 inch shower head is more than enough for an ample supply of water. One of the best part about the shower is that it has a technology that it can flow water at a great rate even if there is low pressure from behind so that your bath won’t be disturbed if the water pressure is low. Also has a brilliant ultra-thin design that catches the eye and doesn’t take up much space at all. This shower head guarantees an upgrade over you previous shower head.

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