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Rainfall & Waterfall Shower Systems in Black Finish

With BathSelect’s selected variety of the best bathroom fixtures, you can now customize your bathroom with the best fixtures available in the market today. Our collection of shower systems are available in many finishes, styles, designs, materials, sizes, and functions. You can find our shower systems in different finishes ranging from gold, rose gold, and oil-rubbed bronze to matte black and chrome. Matte black shower systems’ variety ranges from waterfall and rainfall showerheads to mist and LED light ones. Check our favorites at BathSelect today! Matte black shower systems are available in different designs, one of which is the waterfall or rainfall showerhead design. These rainfall or waterfall showerheads are usually wall mount but sometimes can have a ceiling mount installation. Many of the newer shower system features are also available in these like LED lights, handheld hand showers, toe tester, thermostatic valves, and body jets. While LED lights provide a calm bathing atmosphere, the thermostatic valves maintain a perfect water temperature whether it is the scorching summer heat or cold winters. Matte black rainfall and waterfall shower systems are a blend of a Venetian style and a modern look for commercial bathrooms offering a fabulous showering experience. Matte black is an authentic fixture finish that is designed to last, and will not tarnish or fade over time. Matte black waterfall and rainfall shower systems offer a rich tone to commercial bathrooms, giving a graceful modern touch, Matte black shower systems are easy to maintain as they don’t show spots or marks, and they can be paired well with other bathroom fixtures and vanities.

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