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Satin Nickel Digital/Smart Shower System

The product is the Halle series is a beautiful centre piece for any bathroom, inspired by timeless classical shapes with a modern twist. Its linear components, along with sharp accents, provide an exquisite appearance that doesn't go out of style. Maintain the shine of your faucet. Spot Resist Finish preserves the brightness of your faucet or shower nozzle, allowing you to spend less money. it Make a cohesive appearance. To complete the design of your bathroom, a comprehensive selection of complementing faucets and fixtures are available. There is a Posi-Temp Valve supplied. Pressure-balancing Posi-Temp regulates the temperature of the water in the shower.

It comes with 1/2" IPS/CC connectors, a showerhead, a spray arm, a shower nozzle, a handle, a pressure-balancing valve, and a 1222 tank. It is WaterSense certified by the EPA. This faucet fulfils WaterSense sustainable drainage requirements without compromising water pressure or current efficiency. The product is made to last. This faucet is made of high-quality materials and has a metal structure for long-lasting sturdiness. These are digital shower systems that include RainAir Spray. A soothing rain-like showerhead with air-infused droplets that give luxuriant covering and wash away everyday tension is available. Its simple-to-clean silicone spray channels allow you to quickly remove deposits from nozzles for maximum performance. It produces fuller, quicker, and softer air-enriched droplets, resulting in an exhilarating slightly elevated spray and a more enjoyable shower experience. The dynamic balanced shower trim lets you adjust the flow, intensity, and water temperature with a selfless action.