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Designer Shower Sets

If you're looking for the best shower set that will elevate your showering experience, you'll want to take a closer look at the wide variety of shower designs available at BathSelect. From luxury shower sets with all the bells and whistles to the basic models, we are sure you will find the shower set that is perfect for your needs; whether you are you looking for a simple way to upgrade your existing shower, or planning a complete luxurious shower set experience with multiple spray heads and body jets, or smart showers. No matter what your design, style and function preferences are, no doubt once you explore BathSelect showers you will find the best shower set for you.


Customizable Multifunctional Shower Set. You can Mix and match shower heads, hand showers, body jets. All BathSelect Shower System comes with Thermostatic Integrated Volume Control Mixer and Includes Rough-In Valves. Simply they come complete ready to install.

Multifunctional Designer Shower Sets

Personalize your shower experience by making your showering experience luxurious with BathSelect Authentic, Stylish, Multifunctional Shower Sets

Are you bored with your old daily shower sets? Do you want to make your bathroom look more contemporary, functional, or stylish? If you are looking for enhanced showering experience! and Looking to buy the new elegant bathroom shower sets at an affordable price? BathSelect have the perfect bathroom showers. We provide you answers to these demanding questions with modern, elegant shower sets. We offer unique shower designs that you will not find anywhere else.

The options are endless; you can customize your regular showering practice with a delectable palpitating massage, a tranquil haze or dabble with a rainfall shower along with superlatively placed body pulsating massage shower jets. Whether you are looking to buy contemporary bathroom shower massage shower sets or water massage shower sets, wall mount shower set or shower and tub faucets, BathSelect have a vast range of bathroom faucets to select bathroom fixtures for your old or new bathroom with multifunction.

The Different Styles & Finishes of Shower Sets:

At Bath Select's shower faucet set section, you can shop for rain shower set, LED shower heads, thermostatic shower mixer, shower mixer valve, bathroom shower sets, shower arm, thermostatic shower mixer valve, automatic shower sensor sprayer, thermo bath shower mixer, 4 hole bath shower mixer, bathroom shower mixer.

You can also go with dripping shower mixer, exposed tub faucet, wall mounted shower, square shower set, shower and tub faucet sets, vintage shower set, bathroom shower head set and sink faucets, bathtub shower faucets, bathroom vanities , and many more bathroom faucets

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BathSelect Showers are set to come along with:

In short, our shower set comes complete ready to install you will get every single never seen modern shower set that will no doubt update your bathroom style and functions.

  • Showers comes with cast brass valves
  • Built in thermostatic mixing valve
  • European Contemporary Design
  • Ceramic disc valve cartridge
  • Adjustable hot limit safety stop (anti-scalding device)
  • Pressure Balance cartridge
  • Integral diverter
  • Multifunction showerhead with spray functions
  • Maintains constant output temperature
  • Detailed shower installation instructions