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Matte Black Kitchen Faucets

Faucets have become a fashion statement along with their functionality and that is exactly what BathSelect brings to the table. You can get perfect faucets for your kitchen sink and anywhere else from us. One of the hottest buy these days are the kitchen faucets in a matte black finish. For anyone who knows trends they know that the matte black is on of the trendiest and most modern looking color available these days in anything. So we offer a huge line of kitchen faucets with this finish.

The construction is very solid and is mostly metal and its alloys. The entire of the body is made of brass which provides a very strong base and sturdiness to the entire faucet. The handle is made of zinc alloy which is also very strong and will last very long without any issues. The rotation of the handle is very smooth due to the zinc alloy. The matte black finish simply makes it look gorgeous. The finish is not glossy at all and very plain black and fits in magnificently to your kitchen interior irrespective of the color combination. The whole design being contemporary makes no issue of looking good anywhere because the whole purpose of it is to make it look good wherever installed. The matte black kitchen faucet features a pull design water tap. This can be used in mixing the water between hot and cold water very easily. There is no way this faucet won’t enhance the overall looks of your kitchen.