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LED Showerhead Gold

If you're thinking of upgrading your bathroom with the latest bathroom accessories, LED Gold shower head is the right product. The LED gold shower head adds elegance to the bathroom. This shower head is the trendiest and the most demanded product. It is designed in a contemporary style with high quality material. The usage of gold in its construction makes it more attractive and enhances the look of the bathroom. This product is made for people having great tastes. These shower heads come with the latest LED system through which you can enjoy a visual shower. You also have an option to change the light and effects in this system. Blue, green, and red colors are available in the LED system.

This shower head has both waterfall and rainfall options. You can enjoy a soothing and relaxing shower with these gold shower heads. They come with the super seal technology that doesn't allow rusting. It upgrades the whole look of your bathroom giving it a cool look and lasts longer than other shower heads. These shower heads are fixed, mounted to the wall. They are basically made up of brass and have a gold finish. They are single holder dual control water type shower heads. They are rectangular shaped and their size is 5523cm. The LED system gives more worth to this product. The LED lights are powered by in-built hydro power technology. These lights change their color according to the water temperature. They are capable of providing the best performance and are super-efficient