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Brushed Gold Square Shower Heads

BathSelect has made history serving its customers with the best commercial and residential bathroom fixtures are the best prices. Having a diverse variety from traditional designs to modern ones, BathSelect has the perfect collection of brushed gold square showerheads that you need to see for yourself. Since the Brushed gold look is now trending for commercial bathrooms, we suggest that you scroll our variety to choose the best ones. Brushed gold showerheads are a good choice for commercial use. Brushed gold faucets are the new trending finish for modern bathrooms. These showerheads are available in different shapes like round, square, rectangular, etc. which are often the most used ones. Square brushed gold showerheads are also fairly common for commercial purposes like in apartments and flats. From ultra-thin modern sleek designs to contemporary, regular ones, you can find what suits your choice. Square brushed gold showerheads also have an LED color-changing light system that lightens the bathroom during bathing while the water temperature controls allow maintenance of water temperature. Brushed gold is an elegant commercial bathroom fixture that maintains its look over time and has a durable construction. Brushed gold showerheads are a new, trending look that keeps commercial bathrooms upgraded with the best and modern fixtures. Square showerheads cover a large area spreading the water evenly as one shower. For commercial use, this is a great benefit as people can enjoy luxury showering like being in the comfort of their homes. Brushed gold square showerheads also have a great variety that you can choose your favorite ones from.

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BathSelect Sète Brushed Gold Wall Mounted Single Handle Rainfall Shower Head BathSelect Sète Brushed Gold Wall Mounted Single Handle Rainfall Shower Head
Retail Price: $495.60
Sale Price: $359.56
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