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Multifunctional Showerhead Gold

Shower heads with multiple functions are available at BathSelect which provide you not only with great working but also great quality and looks. You can get our gold multifunctional shower head and have a great time in your bath. The shower head or system is made of ceramic and brass. Brass has been used in the base to make it sturdier and provide a solid construction on which the rest of the handles and stuff could be installed. The valve and the handle material is ceramic. Ceramic is not the toughest material but it is totally corrosion free and provides very smooth water flow through the valves that doesnít degrade over the time. The gold finish is simply gorgeous. It gives out vibes of luxury bathing at your home and has an attractive design.

The style is contemporary and easy to install without the need of any extra plumbing. As other shower heads, this does not only serve the purpose of flowing water through the shower head although it does do this very well too. It has water mixer so you can mix between hot and cold water, with also a handheld shower included that is going to provide you with great convenience in bath. The shower has such smooth water flow that you might even be able to pass hours relaxing under it. The product is as luxury as it looks and is a definite upgrade for your bathroom that you canít deny.