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LARGE Showerhead Gold

As a complete renovation for every home or hotel room, the Gold large Showerheads are all here to exceed all your highest standards. Consider nothing other than the unrivaled elegance, top build quality and superb compatibility that can meet even the most challenging needs. There is nothing quite like revitalizing sensation of a rain storm. It's a genuinely beautiful experience that, owing to Gold showerhead, you can embrace every single day with the luxury of your house. All-inclusive showerhead package provides all our customers need it for trouble-free installation. Each gold shower head consists of a pre installed flow limiter and a screen sand filter disk.

Gold showerhead is fitted with specially engineered right winged and self-cleaning nozzles. It comes with a mesh filtration disk to keep the flow of water clear, free from debris and smooth; silicone protection to guarantee no leaks and the sturdy metal ball joint gives you the right to tip your showerhead in whatever direction you choose. Now you will enjoy the unforgettable feeling of natural water flowing graciously on your skin and hair with a gold-plated, unique Rainfall Shower Head. You can add a bit of elegance and sophistication to your bathroom with the glamorous and trendy Rainfall Shower Head and impress your visitors with a polished and glamorous shower head for a luxurious spa experience. Gold broad shower head manufacturer luxury top quality shower heads. Each showerhead provides including a Permanent Cooperation Warranty. So, begin and end every single day with one of the most comfortable rain shower and improve your creativity and well-being.

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Gold Plated shower head multicolor led 40" Gold Tone Square Color Changing LED Rain Shower Head
Retail Price $1,635.00
Sale Price: $1,660.89