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Digital/Smart Shower System
in Brushed Gold

The brushed gold shower is a smart digital shower system with all metal parts. All the functions are controlled by digital meters properly. It's is a perfect shower that is stylish, fashionable, unique, and smart which suits the modern lifestyle at home. A few inches spray handle is the primary rainfall source for smooth flow of water during bathing. Digital shower is designed to make the comfortable in modern lifestyle that is why it's stylish and up to date with the latest demands. Features and Functions

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There are built-in valves that are automatic, and you can control their function levels. They make the flow of water like rainfall and produce less noise during waterfall. The whole setup is easy to install with a leakage-free system. The premium materials in its manufacturing make it very durable and bulky in weight. The stainless steel gives a shiny look to the brushed gold shower system. The material of valves is brass which is corrosion-free and prevents the valves from leaking the water. The installation system is easy, and wall mounts with a digital control system can increase or decrease the water flow. To manage the cold or hot water, there is an automatic sensory equipped with Ai technology. The shower works as a fixed system which is very comfortable and hurdle-free. You can install the digital shower system in your home to get easiness and leakage-free design. If you are looking for a modern piece of art, you must choose a brushed gold innovative shower system.