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Oil Rubbed Bronze Showerhead Extension

Some bath accessories are more important than you know, shower head extensions are one those items and BathSelect have excellent quality shower head extensions. You can get out oil rubbed bronze shower head to get a better bath experience than you normally have. The most important thing that is meant in this thing is a solid build quality and that is what you get. Our product is made of metal which include brass and stainless steel. This means that in terms of durability they are perfect and are guaranteed corrosion free so moisture wonít affect which makes them even possible to install outdoors without any worries.

The oil rubbed finish gives it a very nice look that looks well-polished, decent and right according to the modern touch we all require. You also get an amazing level of adjustability out of these. You can adjust it according to your height and the amount of water you would like to flow on you by positioning the shower head directly downwards towards you. The best part about shower head extension is that it is compatible with most of the showers that are available. It is also ridiculously easy to install with no hassle of tools required. You just need to adjust and twist the rod in it is place with the holder and shower head and you are pretty much ready to go. This also guarantees great quality and no inconvenience in long terms so you donít have to worry about anything.

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