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LED Showerhead Matte Black

A great and different product that you can get from us that won’t only look modern but also serves its purpose it out LED shower heads in matte black finish. BathSelect offers you this product in the best of quality and richest of features. This shower head has a matte black finish. As this color is very muted and neutral it looks perfect with every bathroom interior. And as this color is also very trendy as it is very famous among the new generation this also serves the looks and looks absolutely dope. The build quality has been kept keeping in mind that the product is meant to last a long time.

Therefore it is made of a solid brass material. It is not only very strong but also provides resistance against corrosion so there is no water blocking a perfect flow of water. The contemporary design make is easy to install and an exact fit with your bathroom. The shower head features LED lights. These lights do not require any external power source in fact there is built-in dynamo. The dynamo doesn’t need electricity so, it turns the LEDs on with the help of water pressure. As the water starts flowing the lights turn on and they even serve a purpose as they indicate the color according to the temperature of the water which makes them not only beautiful look wise but also functional. You’ll love the product and it will upgrade tour bathing style.