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Brushed Nickel Auto Sensor Faucets/Manual Soap Dispenser

This is a faucet that has a class of its own and sets out the place where it is used. The faucet is touchless that gives it a unique characteristic and avoids the transfer of germs from the soap dispenser onto the hands. The dispenser comes with 5-year warranty that gives an extra trust to the dispenser and the customers would be free of any doubts about buying the brushed nickel manual or auto-sensor. Auto-sensor may be considered as better or modern that would suit the modern washrooms, kitchens and public rest rooms but Fontana offers both the manual and the auto-sensor soap dispenser so the customers who want the old-school vibe or are content with the traditional refill ones, they can be accommodated accordingly.

Brushed Nickel dispenser is rust free and gives the product a bright finish with a sparkling silver color that would suit the color tones of your washrooms or any place where you want t have it fixed. It can be used at any personal or private place as it is ADA compliant. As all the other Fontana products, it is also compatible with U.S plumbing. This product is for those who are interested in bright silver tones of the bathroom appliances to go with their bathrooms. It is available in not only one but different designs like the traditional tap shaped, swan shaped and even the wall mounted ones.

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