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Matte Black Square Shower Heads

Talk about choosing finding the best commercial bathroom fixtures at the most reasonable prices. Sounds difficult, doesn’t it? With BathSelect, choosing the best bathroom fixtures is no longer a struggle! Offering a great diversity of styles, designs, materials, and finish, you no longer have to look anywhere else. Amongst the other bathroom fixtures, matte black square showerheads are often chosen for commercial purposes. Scroll some of our top varieties to find a showerhead that matches your choice and purpose.

Matte black showerheads have multiple styles, designs, finishes, and installation methods. From round to square and rectangular shapes, you can find a commercial showerhead for use. In commercial bathrooms, you may have seen these modern-styled matte black showerheads with LED lights and a thermostatic valve for temperature control. These newer features are available in the latest models of these matte black square showerheads. These showerheads are either wall-mount installed or ceiling-mount installed, and the choice depends on one’s use and liking.

Matte black is increasingly becoming a popular choice for commercial bathroom fixtures because of its versatility of use. These matte black square showerheads can easily be matched with other bathroom fixtures and vanities. If you want a classy and modern change to the bathroom with little investment, matte black square showerheads are a perfect option. Square showerheads are great for spreading water in a dispersed manner as one shower, hence improving the showering experience. Matte black square showerheads do not show fingerprints or dust marks and are easy to clean and maintain.

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shower head multicolor led 8" Dark Oil Rubbed Bronze/Matte Black Square Color Changing LED Rain Shower Head
Retail Price $277.00
Sale Price: $204.62
You save $72.38!
shower head multicolor led BathSelect Dark Oil Rubbed Bronze/ Matte Black Square Rain Shower Head
Retail Price $341.00
Sale Price: $303.28
You save $37.72!
shower head multicolor led Milan 40" Stainless Steel RGB Multi Color Water Powered Led Showerhead
Retail Price $1,447.00
Sale Price: $1,060.75
You save $386.25!