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Hospitality/Hotel Smart Mirrors Premier Selections

BathSelect brand hotel smart mirrors are mirrors with integrated technology; displays and touch screens. They are commonly supplied to hotel rooms. These interactive and high-tech smart mirrors provide guests with information and entertainment, such as weather forecasts, news, room service menus, and other hotel information. BathSelect smart mirrors have many features namely lighting, music, and connectivity with smart home devices. BathSelect smart mirrors are primarily used in hotel bathrooms, and they are installed in place of traditional mirrors and provide guests with an interactive and high-tech experience while they get ready.

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Main Features of BathSelect Hotel Smart Mirrors:

  • Convenience: They provide guests with quick and easy access to information and entertainment, such as weather forecasts, news updates, and room service menus.

  • Personalization: They allow guests to customize their experience by adjusting lighting, playing music, and connecting with their personal devices.

  • Improved experience: Hotel smart mirrors can enhance the overall experience of guests by providing a modern and high-tech touch to the bathroom.

Hospitality Bathroom Smart Mirror Supplier

Our Hotel Smart Mirrors Are Used in the Following Capacity:

  • They Display information: Show weather, news, and other relevant information.

  • Control lighting: Allow guests to adjust lighting to their preference.

  • Play music: Play music and audio content through built-in speakers or via a connected device.

  • Place room service orders: Provide guests with an easy way to place room service orders directly from the mirror.

  • Provide hotel information: Show hotel information, such as directions, amenities, and local attractions.

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