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Rainfall & Waterfall Shower Systems Chrome Finish

If you are looking for commercial bathroom fixtures, BathSelect is the perfect option for you. Commercial chrome waterfall and rainfall showerheads are only one of the things that BathSelect as amongst the other fixtures. From Chrome to matte black, BathSelect a diverse range of finishes that will suit your bathroom look perfectly. Modern or traditional? You name it and we have it there for you! Chrome waterfall and rainfall showerheads are best for commercial use, so scroll through our variety to find the best ones.

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Dijon 22" Thermostatic Waterfall Rain Shower System Dijon 22" Thermostatic Waterfall Rain Shower System
Retail Price: $2,244.80
Sale Price: $1,693.52
Square Ceiling  Shower With 20" SPA Spray Concealed Square Ceiling Shower With 20" SPA Spray Concealed
Retail Price: $2,397.75
Sale Price: $1,940.58
Venice Thermostatic Rectangular Flushed Shower Head with LED Venice Thermostatic Rectangular Recessed Shower Head with LED
Retail Price: $2,424.20
Sale Price: $2,036.12

Waterfall Shower System

Our Explore BathSelect waterfall shower system, they are unique and distinctive due to the design and the way they deliver water. Unlike traditional showerheads that emit water in a focused spray pattern, our waterfall shower system mimics the sensation of standing under a gentle waterfall. Here are some features that make BathSelect waterfall shower system unique:

Waterfall Effect

The primary characteristic that sets a waterfall shower system apart is its ability to create a soothing and immersive experience similar to standing under a natural waterfall. Instead of a concentrated jet of water, the water flows in a broader, cascading pattern, providing a more relaxing and luxurious feel. The distinctive essence of a waterfall shower system lies in its capacity to emulate the serene and immersive sensation of being beneath a gentle natural waterfall.

Unlike traditional concentrated streams of water, these systems disperse water in a wide, cascading pattern that envelops the body, resulting in a more indulgent and tranquil bathing encounter reminiscent of the outdoors' soothing embrace.

Wide Coverage

Waterfall showerheads typically have a wider area of water dispersion compared to regular showerheads. This broader coverage contributes to a more enveloping and spa-like experience while showering. Waterfall showerheads distinguish themselves by offering an expansive water dispersion area, surpassing the coverage of conventional showerheads. This extended reach enhances the bathing encounter by enveloping the body in a more encompassing cascade of water, akin to the embrace of a spa-like atmosphere, fostering a heightened sense of relaxation and luxury throughout the showering process.

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