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Multifunctional Showerhead

The brushed nickel finish is known as the durable type and tends to maintain the finish for a long period as compared to other finishes. Moreover, the durable brass material adds the plus point and ensures the longevity of the shower system. If you are upgrading your shower system and want to enjoy a drenching experience then a brushed nickel showerhead makes a perfect match.

We have different designs and styles of showerheads with multiple functions. Either you need a small round showerhead or looking for large ceiling mount rectangular showerheads we deal with all types of variety. Our premium grade showerheads offer consistent and powerful spray performance. Moreover, you can adjust the spray type. Either you can set it to a powerful message setting to give a soothing effect to your tired muscles or set it to a rainfall setting. Feel like taking shower in the spa by installing these exotic pieces in your bathroom. These rain showers come with a metal swivel ball so you can adjust the angle of the shower to cover your whole body perfectly. Moreover, you can add the shower arm to adjust the shower according to your needs. These shower systems also come with LED features. Moreover, the anti-clogging system does not allow the embedding of minerals. Thus, it ensures a smooth water flow.

The brushed nickel showerheads are very easy to maintain. You will find no water spots and finger marks. These are easy to clean. You need an only a damp cloth to remove water drops and retain back its shine.

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Le Havre Brushed Nickel 8, 10, 12 -inch Round Rain Shower Head Le Havre Brushed Nickel 8, 10, 12 -inch Round Rain Shower Head
Retail Price: $281.40
Sale Price: $222.46

24-Inch-LED-BrushedNickel-Shower-Head 24 Inch LED Brushed Nickel Shower Head
Retail Price: $1,372.00
Sale Price: $1,079.49