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LED Brushed Gold Shower Systems

Bath select has upgraded its collection by providing many products in a number of various styles, designs and sizes with multiple features. This lets you create your own personal spa as you can have a whole list of your own products for showering. It can be mounted easily on the wall by following the instructions mentioned in the manual that comes with the package. The dimension of the shower head is 200mm similar to shower arm. Usually, these shower systems have a single handle. The most admired feature of the shower system with brushed nickel finish is that they consist of LED system. The colors change with the change in the temperature of the water. A built dynamo powers up the system benefiting from the pressure of water that lights up the bulbs. Imagine enjoying your bath by creating an aesthetic environment! 1.3 to 4.8GPM is the flow rate of water which releases you from all exhaustion your body feels with a water pressure of 0.1-0.7 Mpa. It is an easy item for people to pick not only because of its amazing and attractive construction but also because it can match with every design of the bathroom tiles. No batteries are required for this system to function and instead sets your mood giving you a lavish showering experience. The customers have given positive and satisfactory reviews about this shower system. So donít waste time and get your hands on this product before it runs out of stock.

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