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Satin Nickel Shower System

For homeowners who are looking for a wide range of bathroom fixtures from which to find products that go with their bathroom interior, BathSelect is just the platform they should look in. BathSelect offers numerous different styles, finishes, materials, sizes, and functions. By adding a shower system to your bathroom, you are bound to improve the outlook tenfold. In BathSelect‘s latest satin nickel shower collection, there is a wide range of stylish showerheads.

Satin nickel finish for bathroom fixtures goes perfectly with all other bathroom fixtures and bathroom interiors because of its versatile colour. The shower systems in this collection are ceiling-mounted rain shower heads that give a very soothing showering experience. The showerhead material is solid brass which makes it highly durable. The contemporary colour hanging LED feature that change colour according to temperature eliminates the need to check water temperature by dousing your hand. You no longer need to face scorching hot or freezing cold water as the LEDs will indicate the temperature instantly. At the same time, the LED lights give a luxury appeal to this stunning shower system.

Satin nickel finish is known for its unique fresh shine and subdued appearance. The surface also effectively hides water spots, fingerprints, and scratches, making it extremely easy-to-maintain. The rain showerheads guarantee a very relaxing shower that would feel like bathing in natural rain. With their LED lighting, elegant finish, and contemporary features, these shower systems will be stunning additions to any contemporary bathroom and will certainly improve its outlook greatly.