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Multifunction Shower Heads

Do you want to customize your commercial bathroom at an economical price? We have the perfect solution for you! Here at BathSelect, we present the best collection of commercial fixtures that will upgrade your bathroom with only the best! With our splendid collection of fixtures in different styles, finishes, functions, materials, and sizes, get the chance to transform your commercial bathroom with only the best. We assure you of durable and quality fixtures at the best price. Select your favorite multifunction showerheads from our collection.

Multifunction showerheads are a modern luxury bathroom fixture that you will often find in commercial areas like flats and apartments. Different finishes that you will find in multifunction showerheads. These showerheads have different functions like a thermostatic valve, LED lights, handheld showers, music control, and shower jets, etc. With such advanced features, multifunction showerheads are amongst the most advanced upgrades that you can get for a commercial bathroom. Durable in design, and offering luxury features, these are great for commercial use.

Multifunction showerheads support modern and luxury features that most commercial bathrooms need. All the finish are not just elegant rather also a durable finish that ensures longevity. Matte black multifunction showerheads give the bathroom a soft and warm finish along with being paired easily with other finishes and colors like white and black. These showerheads are elegant, durable, and affordable, everything that a good commercial bathroom needs. These multifunction showerheads are durable, long-lasting, and elegant, offering a perfect package for commercial bathrooms.

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Led shower head color changing with thermostatic mixing valve Chrome LED Mixer Shower Head with Thermostatic Mixer
Retail Price $728.00
Sale Price: $475.76

Luxury Shower Sets Chrome Finish Ceiling Mount Round Rain Shower Head
Retail Price: $789.00
Sale Price: $660.50

BathSelect 16-Inch-LED-Chrome-Shower-Head BathSelect 16 Inch LED Chrome Shower Head
Retail Price: $2,449.00
Sale Price: $1,902.16

Large Ceiling Mounted Bath Touch Panel Shower Head with LED Large Ceiling Mounted Bath Touch Panel Shower Head with LED
Retail Price: $3,253.50
Sale Price: $2,482.42