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Brushed Nickel Square Shower Heads

BathSelect has a diverse and authentic collection of bathroom fixtures for commercial and residential use. Commercial places like apartments and flats need a supply of modern and economical bathroom fixtures. BathSelect has the perfect fixtures for commercial bathrooms, including the best square brushed nickel showerheads for you to select from. Quality products with durability and longevity assured BathSelect is the perfect choice for commercial bathroom fixtures. Brushed nickel square showerheads are amongst the most common bathroom fixtures.

Brushed nickel finished showerheads come in different shapes ranging from square to round and oval ones. Square brushed nickel showerheads are amongst those shapes that are commonly used. Coming in different showerhead sizes, some newer brushed nickel square showerheads have LED color-changing and multicolor lights that light up the bathroom as you shower. Other models also have an additional thermostatic control, allowing the perfect water temperature to be maintained for showering. These showerheads will either be wall mount or ceiling mount installed, depending on what you are looking for.

Brushed nickel finish in showerheads is amongst the most durable finishes that you can find because this has always stood against the toughest tests of time. Other than durability, Brushed nickel square showerheads also maintain their polished look for a longer time than other finishes and do not show watermarks or fingerprints. The square showerhead design ensures an even spray of water during showering with the wide showerhead size. With brushed nickel square showerheads, there is a great variety, so you can surely find the best for your commercial use.

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Led showers Fontana Chrome Finish Led Shower Head - Available in 3 sizes
Retail Price $298.00
Sale Price: $173.25

Brushed Nickle Led shower head color changing 12" Brushed Nickle Square Color Changing LED Rain Shower Head
Retail Price $394.00
Sale Price: $271.61

shower head multicolor led 16" Stainless Steel Square Color Changing LED Shower Head
Retail Price $431.00
Sale Price: $298.41

Cholet Brushed Nickel 16-inch LED Ceiling Rain Shower Head Cholet Brushed Nickel 16-inch LED Ceiling Rain Shower Head
Retail Price: $419.21
Sale Price: $344.99