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The ultimate contemporary Massage Bathroom Shower Panels for a joyful luxurious shower experience! Stylish yet functional shower panels at BathSelect will enhance your overall everyday routine. Useful thermostatic pulsating massage shower panels will provide you with the utmost showering experience. BathSelect contemporary massage shower panels allow you to change your existing bathroom shower enclosure into a tastefully designed and functional shower. BathSelect provides Best shower panel System, shower massage panel, shower wall panels, bathroom shower panels, bathroom shower wall panels, multi head shower panels, top rated shower panels, best shower panels with jets, bathroom shower jet systems, decorative shower panels, tub shower wall panels, thermostatic shower panel, rainfall shower panel, body spray shower panels, bronze shower panel, oil rubbed bronze shower panel, brushed nickel shower panel, black shower wall panel, and many more.

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Fontana SCP3012 Fontana SCP3012
Retail Price $718.80
Sale Price: $579.60

The shower panels prices are normally within a range of $249 to $478 while special feature shower panels could cost much more. Choose from many styles and functions with features that you would never imagine. At BathSelect, you will find that all of our shower panels come complete with a shower head, handheld shower, massage body jets, built-in thermostatic device, built-in diverter valve, flow control, etc. We are confident you select and enjoy your selection for your ultimate shower experience!

Turn Your Bathroom into a SPA ...
with BathSelect Sensational Shower Wall Panels:

BathSelect Shower panels allow you to turn your home bathroom into a luxury spa experience easily. With the wide variety of options, you can find decor or enhance your bathroom as per your liking. Shower Massage Panel with rainfall shower head can make your showering experience even more spa-like. The Shower Panel is available in many style and function options, including the pulsating massage body spray, the adjustable shower head, tub spout shower panel, led shower panels, the digital display shower towers, and the thermostatic shower panel. On the other hand, a shower panel with handheld shower head gives you the freedom to move the shower spray anywhere in your bathroom. Enjoy a spa quality massage in the comfort of your home bathroom with top quality shower panels from BathSelect.

Our pulsating massage Shower Wall Panels
come with features like:

  • Adjustable hand held shower

  • Adjustable body massage sprays

  • Large overhead shower

  • Individual water controls

  • An anti-scalding device, and much more!

FontanaShowers™ feature unique elements of design like shelves, mirrors and accessories; hence your bathroom shower not only gets a beautiful facelift but also becomes more functional. Installation is easy on all BathSelect shower panels with just a hot and cold water connection and hassle-free mounting with wall-attached brackets. FontanaShowers™ shower panels will turn your ordinary shower into a home spa. BathSelect massage shower panels come loaded with some extra features including rainfall shower heads, massaging shower heads, Shower head wall panels, Jetted adjustable body nozzles, Jetted shower panel, digital display complete bathroom shower panel systems,luxury shower panel, and more, thus in less than 30 minutes, you can transfer your shower into a luxurious showering experience.

Best Shower Panels System

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