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Matte Black Round Shower Heads

With BathSelect’s variety of the best fixtures for commercial use, you can now customize your bathrooms with the best at the least prices. BathSelect’s fixtures for bathrooms have a great variety ranging from showerheads to faucets and soap dispensers. Amongst other bathroom fixtures, traditional and modern showerheads are a common commercial choice. Transform your bathroom with our collection that has a great range of finishes, styles, functions, materials, and sizes. Whether you need a traditional look or a modern one, our showerheads have you covered.Showerheads come in different shapes and finishes. One popular finish that is used commercially amongst the others is Matte black finish. Being a graceful and elegant look, these showerheads are available in different shapes like round, square, and rectangular. Matte black rounder showerheads can either be wall mount or ceiling mount in their installation method and based on your choice you can choose between the two. Round matte black showerheads are sometimes a part of shower systems that have modern features like massage sprays, hand showers, massage jets, and temperature displays. Matte black round showerheads are perfect for commercial bathrooms like flats and hotels where a modern yet elegant look is a must. Looking at it from a commercial viewpoint, the Matte black finish is easy to clean and maintain, while giving off a softer and warmer finish. Moreover, because of matte black round showerheads are versatile in their color tone, these can easily be paired with various bathroom finishes like white or black bathroom finishes.

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shower head multicolor led Dark Oil Rubbed Bronze/Matte Black Round Rain Shower Head
Retail Price $565.20
Sale Price: $249.94
You save $315.26!
shower head multicolor led oil rubbed bronze 20" Dark Oil Rubbed Bronze/Matte Black Round Color Changing LED Rain Shower Head
Retail Price $745.20
Sale Price: $670.68
You save $74.52!
BathSelect Dark Oil Rubbed Bronze Rainfall Shower Head BathSelect Dark Oil Rubbed Bronze/Matte Black Rainfall Shower Head
Retail Price: $649.20
Sale Price: $363.49
You save $285.71!