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Gold LED Faucets

You get access to a wide range of variety of all kinds of bathroom accessories and all items required in a bathroom at BathSelect. This ranges from faucets to shower heads and even more. There is a huge variety of faucets which you can buy based on what you prefer. Faucets have become more of a fashion statement for the washrooms then it was because earlier people did not care about such things, But BathSelect keeps this in minds and provide both style and functionality in a single package. Their core is made of ceramic with the rest of faucet being made of brass. The construction has been done keeping in mind durability and proper working so that the people donít have to worry about any of the both things. Then comes the finish, which is gold.

With the beautiful ceramic built gold adds a dream combination and look super elegant. The installation is very easy with all required plumbing and fitting already included and is installed directly on the deck of the sink also the design is contemporary which is made keeping in mind the modern washrooms. The main highlight about these gold showers is that they have an option of LED light. This light is color coded according to the water temperature and does not just add looks but also is functional. There are also different designs available with goose neck design and other that look decent but modern at the same time. These are definitely worth an upgrade for your bathroom.

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