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Exposed Shower Systems Brushed Nickel

For more than 30 years, BathSelect has stayed a very reputable and leading supplier of the best quality fixtures for commercial bathrooms, including different fixtures like shower sets, shower systems, shower panels, showerheads, and other bathroom vanities at the best prices. From modern shower systems to traditionally designed ones, we have a great collection of exposed brushed nickel shower systems that you can choose from. Being a leading supplier of bathroom fixtures, you can trust us to customize your bathroom with only the best.

Brushed nickel shower systems come in multiple different designs, one of which is the exposed shower system design where the shower system and its parts are exposed, and not set in the wall. While this is a traditional styled shower system, it still fits in well with modern commercial bathrooms. These exposed brushed nickel shower systems are usually wall mount in installation design, though they can be a ceiling mount. While traditional models do not have many features, the newer models support newer features like LED lights, thermostatic valves, handheld showers, and body jets.

Brushed nickel exposed shower systems are amongst the most durable finishes in modern bathroom fixtures. These shower systems not only offer a modern and elegant look to commercial bathrooms but are durable and long-lasting, a combination that goes perfectly for commercial use. Brushed nickel exposed shower systems are easy to maintain and handle because they donít show any watermarks or spots, and are easy to clean. Since there is a great variety available at BathSelect, we are sure you will find the best ones for your use.

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Bath Rainfall&Waterfall Shower Panel Wall Mount Brushed Nickle Thermostatic Shower Set Trio Thermostatic Brushed Nickel Shower Panel
Retail Price $1,310.40
Sale Price: $912.12