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Exposed Shower Systems Black

Change your showering experience from conventional to exceptional. With the Matte Black shower system, you can change your regular, simple shower into a spa-like atmosphere. Incredible and up-to-date, this shower system is made of strong metal and has an astounding matte black completion that won't ever blur or erode for the lifetime of the shower.

The Matte black framework can be mounted both on wall or ceiling with shower heads available in various sizes. It also contains 6 body splashes and a diverter with a 3-way-in divider. The shower temperature is kept at 1 degree Celsius by the Thermostatic innovation. This shower system made of high technology is likewise accessible in LED downpour as well. The shower head controls the LED lights utilizing an underlying secret dynamo. All parts are made of strong materials. The stringing is all inclusive so it will fit any standard shower head by essentially unscrewing the previous thread by hand and connecting the upgraded one. The top notch shower system matches well with all other installation of the bathroom.

The flow rate of this item is 2.5 GPM with 8 jets installed in it. One can simultaneously use all the functions of the shower. No plumbing or drilling is required to install all-in-one shower system. The reviews are extraordinary and it is being highly recommended. Why waste time? Grab this product instantly at high affordable price to give your bathroom a fascinating and elite look.

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