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Shower Panels Matte Black

You are a few steps away from the most advanced matte black shower panel. The panel is equipped with multifunction with some specifications. All the working parts work smoothly and independently to ensure that every aspect of the panel creates comfort for you. The design is elegant, enchanting, and stands out with a modern look. The style and working mechanism depend on the parts—their necessary settings during the panel installation in the shower system.

Features and Function
The panel is all in one function product with rainfall, sprayer, and other essential tasks. There is an addition of a Diverter knob to ensure every function performs well during water flow from the shower. Some valves are also added, which control the temperature by synergy with temperature screen—the knob functions as measuring the capacity of the handle.

The stainless steel makes the product hard with a matte black finish. You can use it for daily bathing and washing without any difficulty. The installation process is straightforward and needs some tools to apply it on the wall with the shower. The temperature controlling system prevents the water from overheat or colder. It creates a smooth flow of the waterfall and ensures easiness without applying any effort. Due to its lightweight and matte black color, the panel gives you the most modern look with multifunction installations. It can add value and easiness for your family when they take a bath. The product is truly designed for residential use only.

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