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Stainless Steel Showerhead Extension

Stainless steel looks shiny and brighter when installed in the bathroom. The accessories made with stainless steel give a contemporary touch to your bathroom space. If you need the shower arms for your showerheads then we have a wide range of these extensions. You can upgrade your shower system by installing the gooseneck high rise extension. It is a wonderful option to install with a rainfall showerhead. You can mount it on the wall. It is S shape shower head extension with a wonderful design. It gives beauty to shower. It is a wonderful option for all people and helps them take shower without inconvenience.

The shower arms have a brass material base with a stainless steel finish, thus these are durable and superb in functionality. Another style of the shower arm is the curved shaped extension. The sleek and curved arm has uniform width that ensures high pressure when the water leaves the extension. One style available is the flexible shower head extension ar feature. It has a rotating elbow arm so you can position itself to have a pleasant showering experience. You can adjust the height and degree of the angle according to your needs. You can fix it with wall-mounted showerheads and enhance its appeal.

The best thing about the stainless steel shower arm is that it offers resistance to rust. Furthermore, you will find no watermarks and finger impressions. Thus it looks new for a long time plus you will experience an easy cleaning of showerheads and shower arms.