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Exposed Shower Systems Brushed Gold

At BathSelect we offer a range of traditional and modern bathroom fixtures for commercial use that are available at the most reasonable prices. Our unique and superior designs guarantee quality and longevity, two things that all commercial fixtures need. Whether you are setting a new bathroom from the scratch or renovating an old one, we have everything you need under one roof! Brushed gold shower systems are one of the fixtures that are in fashion today, and we have a diverse variety we are sure will leave you searching for more!

Even though exposed shower systems tend to seem like an old and traditional designed fixture, we assure you it goes as perfectly with modern bathrooms as it does with old ones. Brushed gold exposed shower systems have different features that set them apart from the rest. Since the entire body is outside, you have a perfectly shaped hanging rainfall or waterfall showerhead. Apart from the showerhead, these brushed gold exposed shower systems also have a handheld shower for easy use, along with some modern features like LED lights, body jets, and thermostatic valves for temperature control.

Brushed gold shower systems are not just a modern addition to commercial bathrooms, but ensure durability and longevity at an affordable price. The brushed gold finish is durable and does not show any marks, hence is easy to clean and maintain. Being versatile as it is by its nature, it can easily be matched with other bathroom fixtures and vanities to give a perfect modern bathroom look!

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