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FShower Systems with Sliding Bar

With BathSelect you can now customize your commercial bathroom with only the best quality bathroom fixtures being offered at the best, unbeatable prices. Our showering products have a great variety ranging from different finishes, materials, to different styles, sizes, and functions. With BathSelect, you have the perfect choice to upgrade and transform your bathroom whether you’re setting an old bathroom or making a new one. From rainfall and waterfall to LED and mist shower systems, and much more, we have complete and perfect showering products for you.

Among the many designs that satin nickel shower systems come in, one modern is a shower system with a sliding bar. There are many finishes in sliding bar shower systems, one of which is satin nickel which you will often find in different commercial bathrooms like in flats and apartments. Satin nickel shower systems come with different features like thermostatic valves, LED lights, handheld shower systems, rainfall, and waterfall showerheads. LED lights brighten up your showering experience and the thermostatic valves allow you to control your water temperature as your shower.

Satin nickel shower systems with sliding bars are amongst the most durable finishes that are available in fixtures. Other than being durable this finish maintains its shine longer than other finishes such as chrome and bronze. As it doesn’t show watermarks of fingerprints, these shower systems are easy to clean and manage. As this finish is versatile, satin nickel shower systems are easy to match with other bathroom vanities because of their versatile look.