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Gold Showerhead Extension

Showerhead extensions are used for better showerhead coverage keeping it away from the wall to let you enjoy your bath. The gold showerhead extension has a luxury design that would be the best fit for your contemporary bathroom. This showerhead extension would even provide a luxurious look to your old traditional bathroom interior. The showerhead is made of steel but has a gold exterior which makes it look so luxurious and classy. This showerhead extension provides an excellent flow of water and provides an equal amount of water coverage to the body while taking the shower.

The gold showerhead extension has a practical design which makes it suitable for everyday use. Due to the high-quality material used in its manufacturing, this showerhead extension is so durable and long-lasting that it won’t need any regular maintenance. The gold finishing of this gold showerhead extension never tarnishes and this is the best part of this shower head extension.

It doesn’t require any special tools or expert’s assistance to get installed rather you can wall-mount the showerhead extension yourself. The water pressure control of this showerhead extension makes it the best. Moreover, it has a self-cleaning feature too. This showerhead extension has got the optimal size which is the best for providing you with a relaxing bathing experience. There is a water temperature control feature too using which you can either select among hot and cold water or mix it according to your need. The gold exterior of this showerhead extension can suit all types of interiors.

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