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Bronze Exposed Shower Systems

At BathSelect you will find a great range of commercial bathroom fixtures at reasonable and affordable prices. If you are looking for a good set of shower systems for your commercial bathroom, we assure you that our collection is worth a glance. Among the many different fixtures that we offer, exposed oil rubbed shower systems are a common choice. At BathSelect our shower systems are available in different styles, designs, functions, sizes, and features. Whatever it is that you are looking for in a modern commercial bathroom, we have everything!

Shower systems are normally available in two designs. These are either exposed, or their body attached to the wall. While exposed shower systems look like a traditional design, we assure you they go perfectly with modern bathrooms as well. Oil rubbed bronze exposed shower systems have their body outside, giving a stylish look. These shower systems may have waterfall or rainfall showerheads with other features like handheld showers, LED multicolor or color-changing lights, thermostatic valves, and body jets. These features make your bathing a luxury!

Oil rubbed bronze exposed styled shower systems may seem like a traditional fixture but it goes as well with modern bathrooms as it does with traditional ones. Exposed shower systems in oil rubbed finish are durable, long-lasting, and easy to handle and maintain. Since this finish does not show any marks or fingerprints, they aren’t a struggle to clean and handle. Finally, even though it seems as being a little expensive, the amazing benefits and features pay off the price for sure.

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8-Jet Shower System in Oil Rubbed Bronze 8-Jet Shower System in Oil Rubbed Bronze
Retail Price: $1,246.80
Sale Price: $1,038.60