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Brushed Gold Showerhead Extension

Showerhead extensions are used for better showerhead coverage keeping it away from the wall to let you enjoy your bath. The brushed gold shower head extension arm has a rainfall showerhead. This extension of this showerhead is made from stainless steel and the extension length is 13 inches. The extension is 5.7 inches high and also includes a flange. The showerhead is 100% brass made and has a diameter of 8 inches. The brushed gold showerhead extension is highly water pressure-resistant and equally makes the flow of water. This showerhead extension is easy to clean with its touch clean nozzles.

For installing this showerhead extension, you donít need to have any special tools or expert assistance as it is easy to install because of its NPT standard Ĺíí connector. So you can install it without any hassle. The shower head extension is highly durable and long-lasting due to its high-quality material. The gold brushed finish on the exterior of this showerhead looks so good and classy that you would love it in your bathroom. This brushed gold showerhead extension can be used for modern as well as traditional bathrooms because of its classy look. The gold brushed shower head extension isnít like the usual showerheads as it doesnít remain stick to the wall rather you can have a different and relaxing bathing experience. The water pressure control of this showerhead extension is so smooth that water provides complete body coverage while taking the bath. The extension is designed in a way to control water wastage.

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