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Matte Black Showerhead Set

The intuitive and beautiful design of the MATTE Black Shower Fixtures gives a fresh concept that will add life to every bathroom. The ceramic disk cartridge gets you a faucet designed to only last up to 600,000 applications. It has easy-operated knob lever, 8-inch touch-clean downpour and matt black finish lend this shower faucet a global appeal. The product is amongst the most known brands in the US pipeline industry, which places tremendous focus on elegant and durable. Perfection doesn't always necessarily have to be expensive. Masterful matte black products are of good quality and low cost. Over 3 decades of technical expertise, it has supported us with comprehensive business expertise and the opportunity to sell new products at affordable expense.

The device is a coarse valve made of DR metal and a molding procedure that is compliant with strong, robust and low pressure. It provides Steel pressurized water hand shower design to survive regular bruises, deterioration and bleaching. It contains 59 Inches Stainless Steel Shower Nozzle and built-in rugged washer, making it much simpler to mount a shower tube without the need for a tape. It has ceramic 1/2" NPT adapter. The finish and all parts of that very matte black shower faucet is made of metal, guaranteeing longevity and having esthetic attraction.

Both hardware needed to construct is included. Shower kit includes shower valve, brushed gold faucet, handle, shower head, bathing arm, forearm, hose, and hand shower. Matte black brands favored certified online distributor for assured warranty service, all things protected by the product's exclusive certificate of authenticity covered by this matte black shower installation.

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