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Best Showerhead Rose Gold

A good looking shower head that delivers the best functionality is something that everyone wants. You can get that from BathSelect®as we have the best gold shower heads available in rose gold. These shower heads will be a guaranteed upgrade you can have over any previous shower head that you have been using and will prove your money’s worth. The solid construction that holds up the entire thing is done entirely through metal. These include materials like stainless steel and solid brass. These are not only free of any rusting but will not ever cause you any problems with water pressure.

The contemporary design is a nice touch that makes it easy to fit and beautiful for your bathroom. The finish is in a luxurious rose gold color. The pink toned gold is absolutely gorgeous and adds to ambiance of your bathroom. Complementing the nice looks, is the functionality of the shower head. It has a great water flow that even works under low water pressure. You can get them in different styles of water transfer like rainfall and waterfall depending on your preference. The shower head can also be purchased with additional features. For example you can select the size of the shower head from the website and you can also select if you want the shower arm with it or not. This shower head will show you what quality is and will surely satisfy you and make your bath experience a comfortable time.

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Rose Gold Square Rain Shower Head BathSelect Rose Gold Square Rain Shower Head
Retail Price $371.00
Sale Price: $333.90
You save $37.10!
Latina Rose Gold Square Rainfall Waterfall Ceiling Mount Shower Head Latina Rose Gold Square Rainfall Waterfall Ceiling Mount Shower Head
Retail Price: $2,619.96
Sale Price: $1,746.64
You save $873.32!