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Rose Gold Showerhead On Sale

This rose gold shower head features simple design and a classic nozzle look with a convenient side knob to match any bathroom design accessories and fixtures. The versatile shower head proprietary has 360 mechanism pushes the pressure washer seamlessly through Extreme, Rain and Full Flood environments. It possesses some sort of stream design in an iconic theme. Shower head nozzles regulate the stream of water, leaving the nozzle to enhance the surge, making it a perfect low pressure water showerhead. Substitute showerhead self-cleaning nozzles tolerate hard-water develop and debris making the shower head easy to handle and maintain.

It has 1/2 inch-14 NPTF feminine inlets. With the improved shower design, all it takes is a quick movement of the shower head knob to allow a smooth switch between different water mist trends. With the Vigorous water spray template, there is no single stream escaping the flexible shower head intersecting-resulting in a surprisingly strong, sensual sensation that leaves your skin looking fresh, clean and surprisingly lightheaded. The rose gold body makes it strong and elegant which is compatible to other bathroom fixtures. Its rose gold polishing makes it unique and beautiful.

It's soft and strong, the water spray environment provides a calming retreat for a comfortable, spa-like experience in your own bathroom at home. Every drop of water is intentionally larger to keep the heat longer, making the skin feel cozy and beautiful. The product is durable and has the life time warranty. Sale on the product makes it more ravishing to buy at once.

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Seattle Contemporary Wall Mount Hot and Cold Bathroom Shower Set in Rose Gold Finish Seattle Contemporary Wall Mount Hot and Cold Bathroom Shower Set in Rose Gold Finish
Retail Price: $784.00
Sale Price: $568.01
You save $215.99!