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Matte Black Showerhead On Sale

The matte black showerhead has versatile features and a classy black exterior. The showerhead looks so amazing because of its classy black exterior and its traditional look. This showerhead pairs well with almost every kind of bathroom interior. Its black finish provides a rustic look to your interior. The black color looks so rich that you would love the bathing experience using this matte black showerhead. This showerhead has the latest water spray technology which provides equal smooth flow and distribution of water all over the body.

The matte black showerhead is so easy and simple to install. For installation, you wonít need to have special installation tools or an expertís existence as it can easily be wall-mounted by twisting it with your hand until the showerhead locks in. This showerhead provides a relaxing bathing experience for you. The water flow rate in this showerhead is 2.4 gallons per minute while the standard is 2.5 so the water flow rate of the matte black showerhead is as per the standards.

This showerhead is available in four different sizes and you can select one based on your choice. The showerhead is rainfall type and is made of stainless steel which makes it so durable and long-lasting. The matte black showerhead also features water temperature control through which you can easily select between hot and cold water or mix it as per your need. The shower head has an adjustable face which you can adjust while taking bath for a better bathing experience.