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Multifunctional Rose Gold Shower Systems

BathSelect has maintained its legacy for more than 30 years offering its customers the best bathroom fixtures at unbeatable prices in the market. We deal with all sorts of fixtures ranging from shower systems, shower sets, and showerheads, to bathroom vanities and other fixtures like faucets and soap dispensers. Building a new bathroom, or setting an old one, we have the perfect fixtures to cater to your needs. Our splendid collection of seamless rose gold multifunctional shower systems are worth a glance for modern commercial bathrooms.

Multifunction shower systems are not only supported by modern showering features, but are available in a great range of styles, designs, shapes, sizes, and functions. Rose gold is a popular finish used for multifunctional shower systems. These shower systems have a wall-mount design either fit in with the wall or are exposed. Multifunctional shower systems in rose gold finish have unique features like LED multicolor lights, waterfall or rainfall showerheads, tub spout, handheld showers, and thermostatic valves. These multifunctional features of rose gold shower systems offer a complete personalized shower.

Rose gold multifunctional shower systems are a perfect upgrade for your modern commercial bathrooms. These shower systems support modern luxury features that bring out the perfect showering experience. With a durable and elegant finish, you get all that you need in a commercial bathroom. Rose gold multifunctional shower systems do not tarnish or corrode over time and they are prized for their long-lasting beauty that only gets better with time. This finish is also easier to work with and easy to handle and maintain.

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Valerio thermostatic shower panels Fontana Rose Gold Finished Wall Mount Shower Panel
Retail Price: $1,236.00
Sale Price: $740.00
BathSelect Rose Gold Multi-Function Rain Shower Thermostatic BathSelect Rose Gold Multi Function Rain Shower Thermostatic
Retail Price: $1,030.80
Sale Price: $932.22