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Matte Black Shower Systems with Body Jets

The matt black 20 inches rain shower head offers a complete, even water stream from above. You will enjoy this shower system that gives you a fast shower feel with awesome systems. It is designed to last and is made of lead-free chromed steel and alloy steels in matt black finish to allow long-lasting using of years. It has got incredible versatility. A handheld shower with a 60" (1500millimetres) hose provides targeted body washing and optimum movement to shower the children or pets. It has several functions.

The matte black over shower head may be placed either flat or uncovered. It has different kinds of ceiling reinforcement poles with the length adjustable from 4.33"-7.87" (11cm-20cm) and also keeps the uniform size of the ceiling at 4.33"/11cm to hold the base poles covered. The 20-inch shower head is equipped with 2 water inlet and outlet. The body material is made of brass, while the over shower material is made of stainless steel. The flow rate for the shower is 2.5 GPM/9.5 LPM. Each function is controlled by a single button, meaning that all three functions can be performed simultaneously or independently. The bottom button is of temperature regulation. Through clicking the safety stop button, you will change the temperature to the appropriate temperature.

3 modules of 59-inch hand shower nozzle are offering high versatility for focused washing, during bath cleaning and after shower baby. It is constructed from lead-free stainless steel with a smooth, rust resistant, matte black finish for toughness and strength. The commodity is now offered in matt black, polished nickel, stainless and brushed gold finishes.